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Loft Convererion Ts & Cs

1. All work undertaken by Capital Loft Conversions (the company) including advice, information, provision of services whether provided gratuitously or not is transacted subject to the Loft Convererion Ts & Cs set out hereunder. No agent or employee of the company, other than a company director, has authority to waive or vary these conditions in any respect.
2. This contract is conditional upon the grant of any necessary permissions, which may be required under relevant planning legislation and building regulations in force at the time and any applicable byelaws and amendments. In the event that such consents are not given only subject to amendment of the works set out in the attached schedule then this contract shall have no effect.


3. The company will use its best efforts to obtain the approximate floor area and window size s stated on the attached schedule, but reserves the right to amend any dimensions appearing on the submitted plans if in the Company1s opinion this is necessary or required to obtain planning permission.
4. The company shall arrange for the preparation of plans of conversion and shall submit the plans to the appropriate authorities for approval.
5. The company will apply for waivers of fire regulations. In any event the responsibility of the Company in respect thereof shall be limited to the supply and fitting of self-closure devices on doors and battery operated smoke detectors. Any further work required by these regulations is the responsibility of the client.
6. The Company, its employees and agents are insured in respect of public liabilities while engaged on the schedule of work at the client1s premises.


7. The value of any variations to the work included in the estimate ordered and authorised by the customer and included in the attached schedule, whether by addition, omission or substitution should wherever practicable be agreed before the variation is carried out. The value of all variations shall be added to or deducted from the price stated in the estimate but such variations will only be binding on the company if agreed in writing prior to their being effected. The client must supply all fittings, pumps and water heaters, etc. as required. The bathroom suite and light fittings are not included in the contract price. The fixed contract price has been agreed on the understanding that the work is carried out in the method to be decided by the Company without unreasonable interruption.
8. The Company is authorised by the client to act as an agent of the client:

i) In matters concerning the drawing up of plans and local authority approval thereof;
ii) In the appointment of the work force to carry out the building work and purchase pf such materials as are required under the terms of the contract.
iii) At such other times as the nature of the contract requires it:
iv) In any planning appeal which may be required.


9. Time is not of the essence of this contract. The date agreed for completion is subject to alteration in the event of delays occurring through inclement weather, strikes or lock-outs affecting the building industry, additions or variations to the works described in the estimate or any other causes beyond the Company1s control. However, the Company will use its best efforts to honour the agreed completion date.
10. The general specification current at the time of the contract and the contract expressly agreed shall together constitute the contract and are deemed to be a complete record of the terms of the order. The plan is used for identification and clarification purposes only and is not part of the contract and is acknowledged as being received.
11. No omission by the Company to enforce its rights under the contract whether by way of indulgence or otherwise shall be constructed as waiver of such rights.
12. The Work shown on the attached schedule must be paid for by instalments as shown.
13. Monies to be paid to Capital Loft Conversions .
14. The contract excludes the liability for any consequential loss.
15. The Company reserves the right to inspect and seek to remedy any alleged complaints or defect. All such alleged complaints or defects must be reported in writing within 7 days or as soon as is reasonable or practical to do so.
16. Completion is defined as when the company gives written notice to the Local Authority of works carried out being completed.
17. Nothing in these terms shall affect the customer1s statutory rights.
18. The copyright of all plans remains with the company.
19. The Company will not be liable for the cost of any work undertaken by any contractor engaged by the by the customer for whatever reason unless agreed in writing.
20. It is possible that whilst the company is working in the loft, hairline cracks may appear to some of the areas on the ceiling below.


21. The company is prepared for other small works to be carried out by our crews. The client can deal direct with the crew. These works should ideally be carried out after the completion of the loft conversion, but if carried out before completion and holding up completion of the loft, final payment will be due as though work was completed.
22. The company is not able to closely inspect the exterior of your roof. Therefore and bearing in mind the age of your property, once work starts, the company will inform you if further attention is required to your roof tiles/slates and or parapet walls.
23. There may be an additional cost if steel beams are required fitted to the lower floors by Building Regulations.
GUARANTEE: Other than "fair wear and tear or abuse" all workmanship and materials are covered by a two year guarantee.


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Loft Convererion Ts & Cs